The free and open-source activator, KMSAuto NET, can activate various Microsoft products such as Windows OS (from XP to 7-8-10) and Microsoft Office (including 2023). KMSAuto-NET has been a stable and reliable activator for over a decade.

KMSAuto products have millions of positive reviews worldwide, making them the top choice in this market segment. These products are reliable and not deceptive but designed to support students and users on a budget who cannot afford to purchase licensed programs.

How to use KMSAuto

Before using the KMS auto activator, check if your computer meets the technical requirements. It’s important to note that Microsoft considers KMSAuto-NET “unwanted” software, so Windows security and antivirus programs may identify it as potentially harmful since it activates licensed products that users are meant to purchase.

It is suggested that you deactivate Windows Defender and any antivirus programs on your PC before downloading and running KMSAuto for the program to function correctly. Alternatively, you may ignore any notifications that pop up during the download and launch of the KMS program.

To activate Windows:

  1. Download the latest version to your PC.
  2. Once downloaded, find and run the KMSAuto-NET.exe file as administrator.
  3. In the open KMS auto toolbar, select the Microsoft product and its version you wish to activate from the list.
  4. Click the “Activate” button and wait for the process to finish.
  5. Once a window appears with a message confirming successful activation, restart your PC.
Windows is activated

Additional functions

The KMSAuto has extra features like optimizing PC disk space, cleaning unwanted files, and improving processor performance. To access them, open the KMS auto panel and select “System.” From there, choose the desired function and click “Run.” Remember to restart your system for the changes to take effect.


KMSAuto-NET is highly reliable, as evidenced by the rare negative reviews about its performance. The few criticisms received were mostly related to changes in the security systems of Windows updates. The KMSAuto panel is user-friendly and suitable for anyone, regardless of age and ability.

In conclusion, KMSAuto-NET is a reliable and secure activator for Windows OS from XP to 10 and Microsoft Office up to 2023. Security programs will identify it as potentially harmful due to its activation of licensed products. However, you can ignore notifications or deactivate your antivirus before downloading the program.

The interface is easy enough for anyone regardless of age or experience level, plus it comes with additional features like disk optimization and file cleaning. Best of all, KMSAuto-NET is entirely free so that everyone can benefit from these amazing tools. We hope this article has helped you learn how KMSAuto works and encourages more people to use this incredible product on their PCs today.