Although the serial production of AvtoVAZ is rather monotonous, there were times when the company produced cars that surprised everyone with their technical characteristics, design, or purpose.

Unusual VAZ Cars

  1. Lada Gorby looks more like a lunar rover than a car. The concept of this futuristic car was developed by German industrial designer Luigi Colani together with AvtoVAZ. The prototype was presented in 1987 based on the Niva car, but the project was not developed.
  2. VAZ-2801. In the late 70s, such a non-standard digital designation was given to the first Soviet electric car, created based on the 2102 station wagon. The car had a 35 horsepower electric motor. This rare VAZ car was experimental and produced in the amount of 50 pieces. But the idea was given up due to the impracticality of the car and the difficulty of disposing of batteries.
  3. VAZ-2106 received an unusual modification called “Tourist”. It was a two-seater car that had a tent instead of the second row of seats and a trunk.
  4. Another non-standard version of the VAZ-2110 with a long wheelbase was named Premier. The interior of the car became much larger, but its maneuverability was noticeably reduced.
  5. Tarzan is a mixture of Niva and Sputnik. It was an attempt to release an SUV with a transfer case and independent suspension. And although the idea was well received by the public, only 5,000 copies of VAZ-210934 were released in total.