Bitcoin deliberately encourages all users to use aliases. However, for complete anonymity, people using this cryptocurrency should use tools like bitcoin mixers. Bitcoin is a public blockchain. It is enough to go to any blockchain browser and find a permanent record of transactions with the cryptocurrency of different types that have been processed since 2009, and this is the year it was launched. For many users, this feature is valid and is not considered a problem.

If you need to gain more anonymity, then the public status of the Bitcoin blockchain will be a disadvantage that will look like a lack of privacy. You can use ways to help keep Bitcoin transactions confidential, that is, hide information on cryptocurrency transactions from unauthorized users or even organizations.

Today, a Bitcoin mixer is the popular service. For example, many users have already used the platform and praised the website. It will help you hide your cash holdings from cryptanalysis and other likely actions of fraudsters. This platform will help you mix several bitcoins with private pools before you send them to future money recipients.


Types of mixers

Bitcoin mixers come in two types:

  1. The decentralized ones use CoinJoin-type protocols. They always hide operations involving peer-to-peer or coordinated techniques. Such a tool allows all users to combine their bitcoins. For example, 100 people can mix 0.5 bitcoins, after which they will be redistributed. Each user will get their money back after that. As a result, no one will be able to understand the way needed for this process.
  2. The centralized ones. Some companies take people’s bitcoins and send them back to other savings. You must pay a particular cost for this service. In this case, this technique will offer you a simple solution that will help you obtain cryptocurrency. Also, you will solve an issue of privacy. Links between outgoing and incoming Bitcoin are not publicly available. This unique mixer creates a record that binds transactions. In the future, the company that provides this service may refuse to hide the data records and reveal the connection of a particular person with his coins if some government authorities demand it.

Useful and interesting information

Users who have long used tools such as bitcoin mixer often need to be made aware of some general features of these platforms. Among them is Bitcoin mixing speed, which depends on the amount of the transaction and the type of crypt. On average, such a platform carries out about five translations.

Almost all mixers store confidential information for up to three days. After that, they remove this, and also, these platforms do not require identification, nor do they implement KYC processes. Often, some mixers set minimum transaction amounts.

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