Today, not every modern car is able to pass all the tests that the bad roads of our country prepare for it every day. Therefore, almost every driver faces the replacement of shock absorbers. And it does not matter whether you go to the workshop or do everything yourself, but in most cases you will have to pick up new shock absorbers. And in order for them to be able to withstand as long as possible, you need to take into account some features during the selection.

But many people may have such a question – why is it necessary to change the shock absorbers, if they are not completely broken, then they can be operated further? But this is not the case at all, since this element is responsible not only for the comfort of driving, but also for safety. After all, if bad shock absorbers are installed on the car, they will significantly reduce the maneuverability of the car.

Shock absorbers

As for the shock absorbers themselves, they can be divided into two parameters:

  • composition of the working substance;
  • the number of tubes in the shock absorber itself.

As for the first parameter, then, as it is clear from the name itself, it indicates the substance thanks to which such an aggregate functions. And today you can find oil, gas-oil and gas models of shock absorbers on the market. Which one is better? Here you need to take into account the specifics of the car itself, as well as the conditions of use. But you can often find oil models.

Why oil shock absorbers? First of all, it should be noted that they have a very simple design. And this, in turn, significantly increases their reliability. But at the same time, such models have a very big disadvantage – the specifics of use. If you like to drive on uneven roads, then after a few trips the shock absorber piston will not be able to ensure proper operation. After all, with the rapid movement of the piston, the oil itself foams, and a large number of bubbles are formed in it, which cause the entire system to malfunction.