Detailing is becoming an increasingly popular service that car owners choose. Complex washing, which concerns both the body and the interior of the car, allows you not only to get the desired neat appearance, but also to keep it for a long time. However, it is important to skillfully apply appropriate car care products. What are the different stages of work in this area?

Granularity, i.e. deep cleaning

When exposed to external factors, the car body quickly becomes dirty, even with minor operation. Visible dirt on the bumpers, wheels or windows significantly reduces the aesthetics of the car. Removing dirt with manual washing gives an effect, but usually short-lived. An additional problem is also visually unattractive spots that are formed when the car is washed incorrectly.

Specialists use an active foam with a neutral pH for pre-cleaning of the body. Then the so-called two-bucket technique is used. It is a thorough washing of the car body with water, shampoo and a special glove. After such treatments, you can perform clay processing, which in turn allows you to smooth the varnish and prepare it for wax processing. However, this procedure is carried out only after the car body has been completely dried, which is also part of the complex detailing.

Сar parts washing

What is car interior cleaning?

A comprehensive car wash will also take care of the appearance of the interior. In this case, the interior is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and not only in the passenger area, but also in the trunk. All the fabric mats will be washed, the windows will be washed to ensure maximum transparency. Washing car parts in the case of its interior also means effective removal of dust and other contaminants. However, for this purpose, not a vacuum cleaner is used, but the corresponding brushes.

Soft elements are washed, wooden and lacquered parts are cleaned and impregnated with special means. Interestingly, the complex detailing of the car also includes the washing of the engine compartment. However, in this case, it is important to use the steam method. Other solutions can lead to excessive humidity of the drive components and, as a result, to problems with their operation. Thus, a detailed car wash is a multi-stage process, which, however, allows you to ensure complete cleanliness of the car both inside and outside.