AvtoVAZ is often criticized for having produced almost identical cars for decades. But that doesn’t mean the engineers didn’t try to change it. There are many interesting options among the unreleased VAZ cars.

Unreleased VAZ Cars

At first, the engineers at the Tolyatti plant thought about the insides. That is how they invented such cars as the VAZ-2101 with a rotary engine and electric cars based on the VAZ-2102. Then the designers realized that the global automotive industry does not stand still and is actively introducing design innovations. AvtoVAZ also decided to develop a car that was supposed to become a hit in the coming 21st century.

This is how in the mid-80s, the X concept appeared. The plant even managed to create one working prototype. But then the 90s came and there was no time to release new cars. Project X was created based on the VAZ-2108. It was a 5-seater family car with a smooth body shape and a large glazing area.

Other interesting Lada cars not put into production:

  1. Electric car LADA Rapan, built based on Oka with a beautiful unusual body, made a splash at the Paris Motor Show. Unfortunately, it was not possible to find investors for its serial production.
  2. The same thing happened to the C-concept. After the public reaction at the Geneva Motor Show, it seemed that the car would definitely be launched into series. Even among the European cars in 2007, there were no such impressive new products.
  3. Another project C also made a great impression at the exhibitions, but this time it was the C-Cross crossover (VAZ-2119). However, it was not put into production either.

This is not a complete list of VAZ cars that have not entered mass production. In fact, there were dozens of cars, and all of them offered interesting evolutionary or revolutionary ideas.