Many modern online platforms are operating in Russia, such as It is also home to numerous real estate tech startups, each offering unique and innovative solutions. Below is a curated list of ten of the most promising ventures in the industry.


Getlooky is an online platform that simplifies finding and booking commercial spaces for businesses. Whether you’re looking for an office, retail space, or warehouse, Getlooky allows owners or agents to advertise their properties and receive applications from prospective tenants.


OfficeSharing offers an intuitive online platform for booking private office spaces. Users can browse listings, connect with space providers, and book the property that best suits their needs. With OfficeSharing, tenants can customize their office space to match their preferences.


TheKey is a comprehensive online platform for booking managed co-working offices in Russia. It caters to small and medium businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs, offering coworking spaces, serviced offices, event halls, conference rooms, custom offices, and more. Users can easily select and request to book their preferred area with TheKey.

Moscow Real Estate

Moscow Real Estate is a comprehensive online listing platform dedicated to buying and selling residential and commercial properties in Moscow. Users can effortlessly browse through listings with its user-friendly interface and location-based filtering. Landlords and property owners can list their properties, providing essential information and high-quality visuals to attract potential buyers or tenants.

Coworking 14

Coworking 14 is a renowned provider of managed coworking spaces in Russia. Offering coworking desks, private offices, meeting rooms, and more, Coworking 14 ensures registered members have access to all necessary amenities, including internet connectivity and cleaning services.

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Juwoto is a mobile marketplace designed exclusively for coworking spaces. Available on both iOS and Android, Juwoto allows users to browse a wide range of coworking options, obtain detailed information, and easily book their preferred space online. Space owners can also register and monetize their idle spaces through the platform.

Flate Zone

Flate Zone is an online listing platform specifically dedicated to renting residential properties. Its efficient location-based filter allows users to search for properties in their desired area easily.

Landlords and property owners can list their properties by providing comprehensive information, including location, area, price, and more. Flate Zone facilitates seamless communication between users and property owners through the platform.


EBN is a web and mobile-based listing platform exclusively dedicated to residential real estate in Russia. The platform offers an app available on both iOS and Android devices.

Users can explore listings of residential properties, gather relevant information, and initiate offline communication with property agents to finalize their desired property deals.

Real estate agents can register online, avail of paid listing packages, and even link their MLS database to update their listings automatically. Property owners, however, must engage licensed real estate agents to list their properties on the platform.

My House Online

My House Online is an app-based residential property information provider. The platform offers users valuable information about listed properties and convenient services such as online payment of utilities for tenants.

Homeowners can easily manage their rental payments, store billing documents, and more. My House Online generates revenue by charging a fixed monthly fee for its services.


SpeedRent is an online marketplace that simplifies the process of renting venues for parties and corporate events. Users can search for venues, view availability, and make online payments to secure their desired venue for a specific period. Space providers can create listings and monetize their properties by providing all the necessary information online.