Today, our world is at the beginning of a new era. The reason for its appearance is intellectual information technology. However, many people do not know what is behind this term. In short, these technologies combine systems that are able to learn and make decisions based on the data automatically. These mechanisms change our lives completely. So, they have ceased to be something from the world of fiction and have become actual reality.

Basic terminology

The critical element in this area is artificial intelligence. It’s a collection of methods and algorithms that help the machine think and learn in a similar way to the human brain. At the same time, at the core of artificial intelligence, there are two fundamental approaches, such as Machine and Deep Learning. These techniques allow computers to analyze huge amounts of data, identify patterns and predict upcoming events.

Application of intelligent technologies in different fields of human activity

Artificial intelligence functions in two necessary fields:

  • Public health. Artificial intelligence is actively used to diagnose diseases in the early stages, and it provides specialists with precise recommendations for treatment. For example, by analyzing CT images, machines can detect tumors early.
  • Experts use their automated systems based on artificial intelligence in the banking field for investment, currency exchange forecasting and risk analysis. These algorithms help professionals reduce the negative impact of the human factor and improve the accuracy of business forecasts.
  • Automation and optimization of business processes have become efficient using intelligent systems. For example, enterprises can predict raw material or resource requirements and optimise logistics or production capacity through artificial intelligence.
Video game
Video game

Intelligent technology in video games

The modern field of video games explores the use of intelligent information technology in the most efficient way:

  • Games based on artificial intelligence. Today, experts do not doubt that one of the most famous applications of artificial intelligence in games is its use in projects such as AlphaGo from DeepMind. Recently, it was able to beat the world champions in the game Go. Also, that is OpenAI Five, or the system that can play Dota 2 professionally.
  • Adaptive NPC behaviour. The developers began using machine learning to create NPCs that could adapt to user actions and strategies. This makes gameplay more unpredictable and exciting.
  • Personalization of game experience. Artificial intelligence analyses the user’s actions and preferences in real-time. With this, developers can transform each user’s story or game complexity.

Intellectual information technology: strengths and weaknesses

  • Intelligent technologies help professionals increase productivity, improve business services and reduce the resources that employees use in production. They facilitate faster and more accurate decision-making in different fields of business.
  • Of course, any progress has some dark sides. The introduction of artificial intelligence can lead to job losses due to automation. In addition, some complex privacy issues are associated with the risks of hacking by intruders. Ethical issues are becoming more pressing, too. Among them are the use of artificial intelligence for military purposes or for civilian surveillance.


Today, information technology affects many aspects of our lives. Some of them give us benefits or create new issues. The intensive evolution of this field leads humanity to the need to find a balance between innovation and the preservation of the value of each individual.