Today, information technology has become such an influential tool that almost any field of modern human activity depends on their progress and level of development. Without computerization, humanity would not have reached the heights, which it has achieved, and this is a fact.

The world of mobile applications is a product of the development of information technologies too. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t use mobile apps. Software is an indispensable component of any mobile device, and today it helps a person in any field of activity. For example, they have become our helpers at home, at school and work. Also, some of them help the user to use smartphone features that are not available in official applications, such as special networks or browser image search. Among them is a useful app that helps users to download Instagram story.

In this article, we will talk about the main methods of downloading stories from Instagram and find out their advantages. Wish you a pleasant reading!

Tips for stories downloading from Instagram

Instagram is both a unique application and a comfortable social network through which users can communicate and share moments from their everyday lives and travel. Initially, this social network was developed as a platform for photos and image sharing, but today, users can post their stories on it.

What is the story on Instagram? This is a special feed in which users of this social network post photos and short videos up to 15 seconds long. This is a very popular feature, however, the content from stories is removed from that feed after 24 hours. Many users have contacted IG developers to add the download stories feature officially, but unfortunately, this useful tool never appeared there.

IPhone owners can download stories from Instagram without third-party apps. The built-in feature set of iOS allows users to download photos and videos from stories directly on Instagram. But there are more ways to do this, and they are more convenient.

However, today users can make IG story download using third-party applications. Among them is the ReShare Story app, with which smartphone users with an operating system like iOS can download stories from Instagram. This app helps users download story videos in high quality and also has an additional feature to download IGTV records. This can be done both with your personal stories and media from profiles that you follow. Also, this program will help you to download stories from the account to which you are not subscribed. It is convenient and saves time.

As for Android, the developers have created useful tools to download stories for this operating system, too. We would like to recommend you Insaver. This is a free app that is convenient in that it allows you to download photos and videos even for those users that are not registered on Instagram. To download, you only need to copy the Instagram link to the video or photo you plan to download. Then, insert this link in the search bar of Insaver and wait until the download is complete.

As you can see, downloading stories from Instagram is very simple and convenient.


Today, Instagram has become a popular app both for regular users and entrepreneurs. Many major brands use this social network to promote their products. In this matter, Instagram has become a powerful virtual tool without which the world of the modern Internet would be incomplete. Further, some new apps help users download stories from this social network to store them for memory and review them in the future when they are already deleted from Instagram.