DOG VPN is a reliable and multifunctional VPN service for Android. You can easily connect to any site that is blocked in the user’s country by this application.

Since the creation of this application, local ISPs have lost the ability to track the user’s location and its device. Also, DOG VPN blocks advertising, provides secure access to social networks and services for streaming video. It is also very important that the VPN service have a paid and free connection mode to the remote server.

You can use DOG VPN features to easily control of connection speed (Speed Monitor function) and optimize games (Game Boost) for online use. A convenient interface and a simple menu are tools that make it possible for you to connect to one of the available IP servers around the world in one instant. It takes you away from geolocation problems and gives you all the benefits of secure encryption. Today, users can connect to public Wi-Fi networks without a single alarm. The reason for this is that intruders will not be able to crack their device. Your personal data is securely protected.

The universal VPN

This application includes many positive features. First of all, it is free access to many VPN servers around the world. A convenient interface is a possibility of not worrying about Internet speed. This app gives its users information about their current Internet connection and encrypts their personal data. Program guarantees absolute protection and reliability from hacking. The functionality of app has changed the proxy settings with basic parameters.

Download and install this apk app. This will allow you to connect to a chat with technical support if any questions arise in case any problems arise. You can chat with specialists and ask them questions. There is also a menu.

Application features:

  • reliability of VPN service on Android;
  • instant connection to blocked sites;
  • avoiding blocking of regional provider;
  • high internet connection speed and torrents;
  • ability to change IP;
  • possibility to connect to international servers.

download apk

You can use DOG VPN with WP Pilot. This will allow you to watch TV channels live on your smartphone or tablet. This service is free of charge: you will not have to conclude contracts. The existence of convenient sites from which you can download free android applications and improve your device with new useful mobile software is a very convenient possibility.