Driving a car may not be so comfortable. Sometimes a vehicle cannot overcome even a flat surface. The disks fly off quite noticeably, but they behave very quietly on the road. Disks are not afraid of even good cars – they can fly off even in this case. It is not recommended to delay with the solution of a disk malfunction. A decrease in tire pressure is the smallest sadness that can happen to a car. The possible consequences of a malfunction of the disks are very frightening: loss of control, destruction of the suspension, wheel unbalance, etc.

There are various ways to fix broken disks. It is possible to go the easy way or go straight to the “heavy weaponry”. It is worth adding that extreme measures will require financial costs. Most owners notice a breakdown only when the car has already been delivered to the car service. If you ignore the problem, the consequences will be unpleasant. The article discusses the possible causes of damage to alloy wheels and solutions to the problem. It is important to know exactly what happened to the disks, without going through all the options for mounting the wheel.

It is almost impossible to name a specific cause of the breakdown. The blame can be blamed on the quality of the roads or the skills of the driver. However, the disks can be damaged due to holes and potholes.

Disk damage

There are reasons why alloy wheels can fail:

  • Transportation of massive cargo. It is not prohibited to transport something. However, its large volume can damage the car’s wheels. Traveling by rail with a heavy load is an insurmountable obstacle for a vehicle.
  • Insufficient pressure level. Poor absorption is the result of a lack of pressure in the car.
  • Excessive pressure level. In this case, depreciation prefers to rest and blames interference on the car.
  • Low disk quality. Manufacturers install only high-quality disks. Repeated failure of alloy wheels may be more serious than the first one. It is better to avoid the purchase of alloy wheels from unknown brands.
  • Incorrect operation of speed modes. Drivers often switch the speed incorrectly. In this case, the gearbox wears out.

On the other hand, there can be quite a lot of reasons for disk failure. We have to do something!

Options for solving problems with faulty alloy wheels:

  1. It is possible to install the disks yourself.
  2. Apply to a specialist.